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Fishing and Hunting

Coffman Beach Access

Driving Directions

From Eldon, take Route Y west to Lake Road Y-20, and watch for the area signs. This access is located at the 2.6 mile marker of the Gravois Arm of Lake of the Ozarks.


This area offers access to the Lake of the Ozarks. Facilities/features: a two-lane boat ramp, courtesy dock, picnic area, and fishing dock.

General Information

Region: Central

Counties: Morgan

For more information call: 573-346-2210

Status: Owned by MDC

Additional Information:

Activities Activity
(Activity Explanations) Comments
(Population Definition)
Bird Watching Get the Audubon Society of Missouri Conservation Area Bird List.
Fishing - Bass Good population.
Fishing - Catfish Good population.
Fishing - Crappie Good population.
Fishing - Other Fair population. Walleye, paddlefish
Fishing - Other Good population. White bass
Fishing - Sunfish Good population.


Conservation Department Facilities Facility Item Name Count Comments
Boat Ramp - Lake - Concrete 1 Two-lane concrete ramp on Lake of the Ozarks.
Dock - Boat/Courtesy 1
Dock - Fishing 1 Uncovered dock.
Parking Lot 2 Parking lot can accommodate 47 vehicles with trailers, both parking lots are provided with nighttime lighting. Sailboat mast caution: low power line. NOTE: boat trailers not attached to vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. Boat trailer storage prohibited.
Privy/Restroom 1 Unisex privy.


Features Feature Item Name Count Size Comments
Fishing Lake - Shoreline Lake of the Ozarks 1 0.10 miles

Lake of the Ozarks: Fishing

If you are a fishing enthusiast and want to enjoy fishing year round, then there is no better place on the earth than the Lake of Ozarks. Whether you are a professional angler or just love the outdoors, you can indulge in this pastime here at the Lake of Ozarks. The fishing season at the Lake of the Ozarks starts in early January and goes until late December. So when you visit the Lake of Ozarks during summer, winter, spring or fall, you will always find a fish to catch. With an angle in your hand, you can spend hours enjoying a cold beverage and reeling them in. The Lake of Ozarks has even produced state record catches with an amazing 111 pound paddlefish. This 90 mile long lake is filled with Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Kentucky Bass, Black and White Crappie, Catfish, Rock Bass, Bluegill, White Bass and of course the rare Paddlefish. Fishing is HUGE here, literally and figuratively. There is always something biting at the Lake of the Ozarks and the scenery is extremely beautiful plus the lake has several isolated coves to fish in or enjoy a swim.

The bass is eagerly sought out by most anglers any time of the day and the Lake of Ozarks has a plethora of them! Largemouth Bass holds the top place as a sport fish. You can find them well distributed through out the lake. This big game fish spawns in spring and are near shore. April and May can supply the largest number of Largemouth Bass. In summer, they are deeply submerged and return to shallow waters during the fall. Night fishing can be done in September and October. The same holds true for Smallmouth Bass and Kentucky Bass. Don't forget the White Bass! It is known for its great table fair.

Crappie fishing provides another great catch and of coarse a great meal! The spawning occurs in April but the local anglers can always find Crappie hidden around the heated fishing docks. Surprised? So the next time you are struggling to catch a Crappie, just turn to the heated docks!

If you are looking for thrilling fishing vacation at Lake of Ozarks, then try fishing for paddlefish or spoonbill. This is a rare fish which is huge and rods are not sufficient. You need trolls and sinkers to get hold of these fish. Though it seems tough to catch, it is a dream come true for all you fishing aficionados. Did I tell you that Paddlefish is a remnant of the dinosaur age? So go for it the next time you are fishing at the Lake of Ozarks during March and April.

A word of caution would be to remember that the Missouri Department of Conservation have some strict rules and regulations made for fishing at the Lake of Ozarks like the 15 fish limit for certain fish, 9 inch limit for Crappie fishing etc. Please check it out before venturing into the Lake of Ozarks.

Fishing is thrilling and all you fun loving guys planning a fishing vacation must come to Lake of Ozarks and you will never regret it!

Lake Of The Ozarks Fishing Supplies

Not an angler or experienced fisherman? That's okay there are plenty of ways to help you hone your skills while at the Ozarks. With bait and tackle stores and several places to rent a boat located near or around the lake area. See below.

Lake of the Ozarks: Fishing Supply

Bryants Osage Outdoors

Laurie, MO (Lake of the Ozarks)


Bryants Osage Outdoors LLC is your #1 source for freshwater fishing equipemnt, marine supplies, log furniture, candles, gourmet foods, giftware, holiday decor and much much more.

Contact Information





716 N. Main Street
Laurie, MO 65037

Lake of the Ozarks Bait & Tackle

When you come to Lake of the Ozarks to enjoy the fine fishing on offer, you can also find some great fishing and bait stores located in the Marinas and most popular fishing access areas. Whether you are a tournament angler of a catfish trot liner, you will be able to find a massive selection of rods, reels, lines, lures, and a great selection of live bait. From night crawlers and red wrigglers, to minnows and gold fish, there is bound to be some bait that takes your fancy. Other services include taxidermy for when you catch the monster fish of the decade!

Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Tournaments

Have you got what it takes to land a prize-winning bass on Lake of the Ozarks? If you have, you might be in with a chance of hooking yourself a whopping amount of cash, as well as a record-breaking fish. There are lots of fishing tournaments on Lake of the Ozarks every year and some of them pay out prizes in the region of $50,000! There are also loads of other smaller prizes on offer, too, so maybe it's time to brush up your fishing skills and dust off that old rod before you book your fishing vacation to the Ozarks.

Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Guides

Come to Lake of the Ozarks for the fantastic Bass and Crappie fishing. Why not employ the services of a local fishing guide—these guys can show you the best places to land the big boys lurking in the lake. If you get real lucky, you might even catch a record breaker! Winter or summer, day or night, fishing in the clear waters of Lake of the Ozarks is always more fun with an experienced and fully licensed fishing guide. Book one now and make the most of your lake time. Be warned: you might end up hooked for life…

Types of Fishing in Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks Hunting

Lake of Ozark's is among the most admired hunting and fishing areas of Missouri. Nearly 55000 acres of land is a habitat to varieties of flora and fauna. The climate throughout the year is supportive for hunting and fishing. There is lots of prey for the hunting experts and enthusiasts. All through the year people visit the region for hunting deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, dove, duck and other animals. Visitor or Hunters have to take a permit from Missouri Department of Conservation. These permits are available online via department's website or through phone. You can also visit any of the local MDC offices in your locality to buy a permit. Different types of permits available are for residents, non-residents and commercial purpose. Apart from the 6 conservation areas managed from Missouri Department of conservation; there are private owners who encourage hunting inside their property. These farmlands and open fields have huge population of rabbits and quail that attract those interested in small kill. However, for those who are interested in a bigger game of hunting there are thick forests of timber where deer & turkey is freely available. But, even while enjoying Lake of Ozark's hunting there is a Law in Missouri that one must adhere to i.e. "A person commits a crime of unlawful use of weapons if he/she knowingly...possesses or discharges a projectile weapon while intoxicated." Thus, it would be appreciated if you are not under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc while hunting in the region.

Hunting Season's

There are several hunting seasons throughout the year for people at Lake of Ozark. These seasons are mainly divided on the availability of prey. Like for those interested in Turkey there are spring, fall, firearm and archery seasons. During these seasons, the hunters usually have a good luck separating that perfect turkey from the flock. For deer's there is a totally different situation. They are available throughout the year due to the dense woods in the region. However, the Deer archery, Firearm and Muzzleloader season are the packed ones.

Those interested in squirrel can visit lake of Ozark's anytime between late May and Mid of February. There are several hickory nut trees that squirrel love. Rabbit hunting however is for a short span of time between October and mid February. Quail hunters would prefer visiting Ozark during the months of November to January i.e. when they find their prey in loads.

If you are interested in migratory birds then you should visit the region between September and January. During this time period there are several migratory birds visiting the region. The season starts with huge numbers of Dove's entering Ozark followed by other species.


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